March 27, 2012

I’m so happy to share this series with you! Please welcome my beautiful sister to the blog. A week or so ago I flew down to SoCal to celebrate her and my niece-to-come with a baby shower. It was a HUGE success thanks in part to an easy going mama-to-be and a huge amount of help from many ladies. While we were visiting for a long weekend Natalie and I snuck away to photograph her and the baby bump. For those of you who are wondering, Natalie is about 32 weeks here. I think this was a great time because she was still able to comfortably move around and hasn’t had much swelling (I know everyone is different). We shot at Cheeseboro National Park located between Old Agoura and Calabasas, CA. As kids we would ride our horse through these hills so it has a special place in my heart.

Dear Natalie, I have yet to meet a more happy, beautiful, and joy-filled mama as yourself.

XOXO, Aunt Lissa