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Summer is my favorite time of the year, hands down. I might share that in common with some of you…? I love flip flops, freckles, lemonade, sunshine, water sports… and the list goes on. What I love most is the warm summer light and the long evenings. With or without my camera the Golden Hour, the hour before sunset, is heavenly with it’s soft orange light and promise of beauty.

melissa tomeoni photography portland, oregon

I hope you and your family make the most of summer 2014! I recently read a quote online about having limited summers with our children, usually 18. This knowledge makes each summer more precious knowing they are limited. Enjoy the summer, folks, and don’t take it for granted! What do you plan on doing with your family?

melissa tomeoni photography portland, oregon

BABY NEWS & Last Session date for 2014

With the above said, my last session date for 2014 will be at the end of summer, September 30th 2014. I’ll be back next year, this time with 2 kids of my own! Yep, I’m pregnant again! It seems like I was just pregnant with my first, but oh how the time moves quickly. I’m currently 23 weeks along, due mid October. This time I am keeping the gender a surprise for the delivery room. I did find out with my first, Cole, but decided to be surprised with our second. I’m looking forward to that delivery room arrival! I am happy, nervous, joyful, expectant, and anticipating what life will be like with two littles. Please send your parental support my way, I know I’ll need it!

If you haven’t already booked your summer session you can do so online. Head over to or simply click here for the contract page.

melissa tomeoni photography portland, oregon


December 16, 2013


Happy Holidays from my family to yours! Thank you so much for being a part of my 2013, it was a fantastic year both personally and professionally. I watched my son grow into a toddler and I watched my business be blessed with many new and familiar faces this year. What a joy to be surrounded with happy people who value relationships and family just as much as I do.

I hope you enjoy the simple things that make this a beautiful and full life; laughter, cookies, hugs, kisses, conversations and love.


Gallery walls are popular right now, the first one I happened to see was 10 years ago while I was studying in Italy. I believe it was actually in Belgium at the Groeninge Museum… all that to say they are classic and not going anywhere. Don’t be afraid of them! They just take a little thought, organization and planning and you can be well on your way to a cohesive wall of art. You can also see more inspiration in my pinterest board.

#1. Uniform. It is very organized,  visually simple and easy to look at. I wanted you to see what it looks like to have them all the same color and size. These happen to all be B&W but color portraits would have the same effect.
#2 Same color, different sizing. A tad more eclectic and you are not tied to one frame style making it easy to change and grow with. No order, but a balence is achieved by weighing the portrait size on the left and right side of the wall.
#3 Clustering. This collection also has the ability to grow as your family does. You are not tied to one color/type of frame but still feels cohesive  if you  stick to two framing colors and frame withs.
#4 Fun. This works because of the spacing is uniform between the pictures and they “fit” together. There is also a color pallet between the frames but it’s much looser then the above options. This wall has the most flexibility to move out as your family grows up, it will continue to work as long as you stick to a few rules such as the placement of the larger portraits and smaller groupings.
#5 Shelf. This allows for maximum versatility. By simply sticking to a few colors with framing options you can add, subtract and change as you see fit. This would work just as well with color portraits too.
I love different types of gallery walls for different areas of the house. #1 for the “adult” rooms such as dining and living, #4 if you have younger kids, and I am leaning toward installing a #5 in my living room. I need the versatility! What is your favorite?
October 23, 2012

2012 has been a wonderful year! I would love to send a giant thank you to all my 2012 clients, without you I would not be able to do what I love. I can’t begin to count the amount of wonderful, generous people I had the opportunity to work with this year. It has truly been a blessing. This year I’ve photographed most in the Portland Merto area but also as far as San Diego, CA and New York City, NY. It’s been such a wonderful year photographing people get married, make babies, grow their family and then send the kids off to college. Thank you to all who have invited me to be a part of life!


As a small thank you to my clients for yet another wonderful year I’d love to offer up to 30% off gift products from now until October the 26th. This will be the last opportunity to place any orders for 2012, if planning holiday gifts this would be the time! Please see the details below or Click HERE to order online.

Left: 6 weeks | Middle: 13 weeks | Right: 20 weeks

20 weeks… and counting!

I suppose it’s more personal, but when you run your own business it baby effects work timing too. I’m really excited to share the news with my online friends! I am officially 21 weeks along, due Nov 13th. I was trying to think of what I would be writing here online; keep it simple? share some details? I’ve decided on settling somewhere in-between.

Somedays pregnancy feels all consuming, others it seems like a distant expectation much like Christmas. It’s coming, but it’s still so far away no need to plan yet. What has been surprising is how many people are concerned with how I’m doing. Truth be told, I’m feeling pretty great! My first trimester was filled with exhaustion, hunger and food aversions. Luckly, I wasn’t sick-sick like some. The exhaustion was quite hard because I don’t enjoy feeling weak. I had just begun training for my first half marathon and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting any faster or stronger. WHY was I becoming winded after walking a flight of stairs?! Ah-ha! Pregnant.

The food aversions were and still are tricky, generally I’m a person who knows what she wants, when she wants it. I got me some opinions. However, these days I know I’m hungry but haven’t the slightest idea what I want to eat, I just know I need it N.O.W. I call it crippling hunger. That’s still happening well into my second trimester. I’m less “starving” and more weak.

All in all, my husband Josh and I are taking it in stride. We are thrilled, excited, nervous, happy… to meet our little one. We will be having baby at the Midwifery clinic through OHSU and have been going through the group pre-natal care with 10 other couples. We have made a few preparations for the little one… but many more still need to be made. With the help of Josh we’ve been documenting my growing belly progression. It’s funny to look back at 6 weeks… I thought I was already showing. Boy am I in for a surprise.

Just a note for my clients… I will be taking a few months off after baby is born. At this point I’m not setting any exact dates but ask if you are thinking of scheduling later in the year I would plan for early fall. Please think about holiday orders early this year as I’ll be enjoying my new addition over the holidays.

I also thought it might be fun to share a few pregnant resources I’ve come across. There are so many out there it’s quite overwhelming!

Now I’ve got to figure out who will be photographing my maternity and newborn…!

March 28, 2012

Welcome to the Senior Rep Program for the class of 2013! Senior reps are chosen on a very limited basis. Apply today! Applications Closed! Thank you all who have applied!



  • A current Junior who will be graduating in 2013!
  • Outgoing and friendly
  • You are involved in extra curricular activities
  • You love to be photographed!

How it works:

  • Free Boutique Senior Photo session
  • Free makeup before your session
  • Be the first of your friends to be photographed!
  • Get the exclusive options for this years hot locations
  • Earn discounts on all the latest and greatest photo products!
  • Apply online here! Deadline for applications… HAS BEEN EXTENDED!!

We will be choosing max 10 reps for this year at 2 per a school. Don’t wait– spots fill up fast! Fill out you application online here and forward to your friends at different schools!